Oakley Alpacas

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  • Lucky Beckham
    Our marvellous solid white Stud male – gentle calm perfection.
  • Minifie
    Such a wonderful friend.
  • Fresh supplies
    Tuck Trolley brings welcomed new supplies in the snow.
  • Friends Together
    Fortune and her fawn daughter Charm with friend Spirit.
  • Speed!
    The speed we can get up to.
  • Chocks Away
    Racing start!
  • Speed up
    Possible entries for The Aintree Alpaca National - who says Alpacas can't run?
  • Skilled handicraft
    Perfection in fleece - this exquisite handbag is made entirely from our alpaca fleece.
  • Fleece creates a character
    My name is Palco, I'm made from Oakley Alpaca Fleece.
  • Beautiful handmade accessories
    The wonderful things made by very clever hands with Oakley Alpaca fleece.
  • Son of Beckham
    A posh boy - stunning from head to toe.
  • Fern gives birth
    Fern calmly gives birth - bless her heart!
  • In labour
    Fern concentrating on her labour.
  • Push!
    Just a few more pushes needed.
  • Fern & Tequila
    Fern's friend Tequila protectively stands close by.
  • Teenagers
    Out in the Orchard is far better than out on the town!
  • Sweet Plums
    There's nothing quite as sweet as the Oakley Cherry Plums.
  • Awesome Alpacas
    Beautiful babies, marvellous mother's - simply Awesome Oakley Alpacas.
  • Autumn shades
    Autumn shades of fabulous fleece.
  • Variety is the spice of life
    On the march to new pastures.
  • On the move
    Naomi leads the Oakley Herd.
  • Fashionable grey coat
    What a marvellous array of sizes and colours.
  • Attention everyone!
    Who's that over there?
  • All here?
    Is everyone present and correct?
  • Issy & Noodle
    Issy and her beautiful daughter Noodle.
  • Bryannie
    Bryannie - pretty, pinky and proud of herself - the perfect package.
  • Good looking
    Best looking girls on the block - strutting their stuff!
  • Me?
    My name is Alice - You want my number?
  • Dawn & Alice
    Dawn asks Alice - Where did the green grass go?
  • More snow
    It's a good job we're not white.
  • Oakley Deco
    What a character. Our stunning grey stud male.
  • Under cover
    The Oakley Herd safely housed in their barn.
  • The fleece comes off
    Bob Shaw visits our herd for shearing and husbandry regularly throughout May to August.
  • Java
    Deco’s mum Java with her cria Florrie May.
  • Friendly companions
    Wills enjoys the company of the alpacas – a mutual respect built up from when he was a puppy.
  • Choose your colour
    A colour chart of Alpaca crias - Black, Brown, Fawn, White.
  • Akelu
    Pure white quality female quietly accepts the shearing experience.
  • Off with your coat!
    Just sheared, relaxed standing proud with her new fleece style
  • Toffee's fleece
    What one can do with this wonderful fleece.
  • Deco's fleece
    So soft and warm.
  • An unusual visitor
    Beckham causes a stir when visiting a retirement home.
  • First class accommodation
    This is where we stay.
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