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Here at Oakley Alpacas, we pride ourselves in breeding good quality alpacas under ethical conditions. Their lifestyle can enhance your lifestyle – discover the pleasures of owning Alpacas. Consider the benefits of starting your alpaca herd, or a career diversification and the possible income derived from these beautiful camelids.

Look no further than Oakley Alpacas. Come and see for yourself.

My alpaca story

I started in 1996 with two lovely cuddly huacaya boys purchased as companions for my horse but in hindsight that was an excuse because, once I had seen them, there was simply no resisting these beautiful charming gentle creatures. I was smitten: Emo and Pugsley proved marvellous companions not only to my mare but also our three dogs, especially our very elderly English bull terrier who sat in the field hour after hour gazing in amazement and pure adoration at the alpacas.

I enjoyed the alpacas so much and being a farmer's daughter it was not long before we decided to buy a few female alpacas and thus our multi-coloured, fabulously soft-fibred dream herd began.

The following years my alpacas proved marvellous guards for my mother's chickens, ducks, guinea-pigs and rabbits, mutually providing each other with companion variation and daily interest. Alpacas have good memories, sensible reasoning and are very inquisitive.

Alpacas are a pleasure to own whether kept for breeding, field pets, companions to ponies, donkeys, goats, guards for poultry, attentive alarm lookouts for sheep at lambing time, wool producers, fascinating lawnmowers or as a diversification farming business profitable without the need to slaughter.

About the herd

AlpacaMy alpacas are all registered with the British Alpaca Society: I adhere to the standards of the Society and uphold and maintain their welfare recommendations. I breed for the betterment of the species using alpacas of correct confirmation, good fleece quality and strong founder stock.

I wait until my maiden females are well grown, fit and appropriately developed before putting them to the stud male for their first mating, thus producing strong boned healthy cria.

- -I keep my alpacas in an environment suitable to their lifestyle allowing them to roam, run and play in appropriate acreage and varying terrain, rather than being penned in small block restrictive yards designed more for the breeder's convenience than the animal's welfare.

I want to give my alpacas as best as they deserve. They are a joy, their calm quiet demeanour excels at providing a solution for de-stressing – their company is a distraction from all other pressures. They and the time spent with them is precious.

Over the years I have thought about specialising in alpacas of a particular coloured fleece but having chosen and purchased good quality alpacas in numerous different colours – blacks, greys, fawns, solids and roans – and loving each and everyone of them, it's just too difficult to decide which fleece colour I like best. Their individual beauty and personality tends to go perfectly with the colour they are. Quality breeding is throughout my stock which is reflected in the fine fleece.